Sun Alpina (combines with 3 resorts, Kashimiyara, Aokiko and Sanosaka)
Average snow depth: 280cm Vertical: 810m from 740m to 1550m Longest Run: 5 km
Lifts: 5 Quads, 2 Triples, 13 Doubles, 2 Singles, park & pipe, night skiing

Goryu Toomi (combines with Hakuba 47)
Average Snow depth: 330cm Longest Run: 5 km Vertical: 926m from 750m to 1676m.
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 3 Quads, 9 Doubles,1 single, park and pipe, night skiing
Hakuba 47 (linked with Goryu-Toomi)
Average snow depth: 310cm Longest run: 6.5 km Vertical: 800m from 820m to 1620m
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 1 Quad, 4 Doubles, half pipe and park

Happo-One (host to 1998 Winter Olympics)
Average snow depth: 325cm Longest run: 5km Vertical 1071 760m to 1831m
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 5 Quads, 4 Triples, 21 Doubles, night skiing

Average snow depth: 250cm Longest run: 3.2 km Vertical: 559m 730m to 1289m
Lifts: 1 Gondola,1 Quad, 1 Triple, 11 Doubles, 3 Singles, half pipe and park

Average snow depth: 425cm Longest Run: 4.7km Vertical: 970m 730m to 1700m
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 10 Quads, 1 Triple, 11 Doubles, 5 Singles, park and pipe, night skiing

Hakuba Norikura (linked with Cortina)
Average Snow depth: 340cm Longest run: 2.5 km Vertical 700m 600m to 1300m
Lifts: 1 Triple ,12 Doubles, park and pipe, night skiing

Cortina (linked with Hakuba Norikura)
Average snow depth: 330 cm, Longest run 5 km Vertical 747m 693m to 1440m
Lifts: 2 Quads, 4 Doubles, park and pipe & night skiing

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