The Hakuba Valley

Nestled in the heart of the Northern Japanese Alps. Very few places in the world can rival the majesty, hospitality, scenery and snow of this amazing valley.

Surrounded by 3000 meter peaks, 7 world class resorts nearby with over 200 runs and back country touring that is easily some of the best in the world with an average of 11 meters of annual snowfall, the options are endless.

Japan’s favourite year round holiday destination: Endless terrain, epic amounts of snow, plenty of sunny days, long seasons and very few people! We hope we can share our local knowledge, good times, and your best mountain story ever.

Sun Alpina (combines with 3 resorts, Kashimiyara, Aokiko and Sanosaka)
Average snow depth: 280cm Vertical: 810m from 740m to 1550m Longest Run: 5 km
Lifts: 5 Quads, 2 Triples, 13 Doubles, 2 Singles, park & pipe, night skiing

Goryu Toomi (combines with Hakuba 47)
Average Snow depth: 330cm Longest Run: 5 km Vertical: 926m from 750m to 1676m.
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 3 Quads, 9 Doubles,1 single, park and pipe, night skiing

Hakuba 47 (linked with Goryu-Toomi)
Average snow depth: 310cm Longest run: 6.5 km Vertical: 800m from 820m to 1620m
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 1 Quad, 4 Doubles, half pipe and park

Happo-One (host to 1998 Winter Olympics)
Average snow depth: 325cm Longest run: 5km Vertical 1071 760m to 1831m
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 5 Quads, 4 Triples, 21 Doubles, night skiing

Average snow depth: 250cm Longest run: 3.2 km Vertical: 559m 730m to 1289m
Lifts: 1 Gondola,1 Quad, 1 Triple, 11 Doubles, 3 Singles, half pipe and park

Average snow depth: 425cm Longest Run: 4.7km Vertical: 970m 730m to 1700m
Lifts: 1 Gondola, 10 Quads, 1 Triple, 11 Doubles, 5 Singles, park and pipe, night skiing

Hakuba Norikura (linked with Cortina)
Average Snow depth: 340cm Longest run: 2.5 km Vertical 700m 600m to 1300m
Lifts: 1 Triple ,12 Doubles, park and pipe, night skiing

Cortina (linked with Hakuba Norikura)
Average snow depth: 330 cm, Longest run 5 km Vertical 747m 693m to 1440m
Lifts: 2 Quads, 4 Doubles, park and pipe & night skiing

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