Bear’s Den Kitchen and Bar

The large open Living Room and Dining/Bar are located on the upper level of the lodge where breakfast is served daily. Relax by the cosy fire place with a glass/bottle of Australian wine.

The Bears Den's tranquil balcony is enjoyed on BBQ nights, and for taking in the mountain vista and natural surrounds. When the weather warms up enjoy a long ‘lazy’ lunch on the verandah.

Dinners you have a choice of a hearty western meal or a Japanese banquet all dishes are made from fresh local ingredients when possible.

Our Bar has a selection of local beers, (1 local on tap) and Australian wines or BYO.

Tea/coffee and biscuits are available all day.

Our Media Room will provide a quiet area for guests to relax and watch the large flat screen TV, with surround sound. There is a great selection of classic movies, snowboard and skiing DVD’s and a plethora of books, board games and magazines.

We also have an Outdoor Japanese-style Hot Tub with views of the picturesque Eastern Mountains.

Satellite TV for sports and news in English;

Drying & equipment tuning room;

Laundry with washing machine and dryer.

Everyone is welcome!

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The Lodge
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